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    What is the pressure of the high pressure fan

    date:2021-06-23 08:53:45 click:232

    Today, the net arranges together with everybody to understand how to deal with the pressure problem of the high pressure fan.
    If there is a problem with the pressure of high-pressure fan, the treatment method is quite different from that of general high-pressure fan,
    For high-pressure fans, what is the problem that customers attach great importance to?
    1、The problem of high pressure. Because the working pressure value of high pressure fan may immediately endanger the application of high pressure fan,
    Therefore, in the application of machinery and equipment, we should control the working pressure of high-pressure fan within an effective range,
    The pressure relief valve should be used frequently. When the working pressure of the high-pressure fan exceeds the working pressure set by the pressure relief valve, the unnecessary working pressure will be released.
    2、Natural environment site. High pressure fan will be contaminated with a lot of dust, which will cause great harm to the application of high pressure fan.
    If the condition of smoke and dust is serious, it is likely to cause a lot of common faults in the high-pressure fan. It is suggested that the filtering device should be used frequently.
    These two problems are insignificant, but they have key effects,
    Otherwise, it will reduce the service life of high-pressure fan, so we attach great importance to these two problems.
    SU ZHOU GREEFAN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has a professional technical elite team, according to the specific situation on the spot, to select the suitable high-pressure fan for you.
    greefan is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of high-pressure fan products. The R & D department focuses on providing customers with various solutions for high-pressure fans

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