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    Installation of high pressure fan

    date:2021-06-23 08:49:17 click:223

    一、Preparation before installation of high pressure fan
    1.Before unpacking the high-pressure fan, it is necessary to check whether the package is intact, whether the main parameters of the high-pressure fan's factory name plate meet the requirements, and whether each accessory is complete.
    2.Carefully check whether the high-pressure fan is deformed or damaged during the whole transportation process, whether the position of each solid core is loose or dropped, whether there is friction condition on the centrifugal impeller, and check the position of the centrifugal fan. If abnormal conditions are found, repair before application.
    3.Use 500V megohmmeter to accurately measure the grounding resistance between the casing of centrifugal fan and the winding of motor. The value should exceed 0.5 megohmmeter. Otherwise, the dry temperature around the motor should not exceed 120.
    4.Prepare various raw materials, special tools and places for fan installation in advance.
    1.Carefully read the fan operation guide and commercial samples, understand and understand the fan specifications and models, mode, centrifugal impeller rotation direction and inlet and outlet cyclone direction, etc.(二)There are standards; Check the centrifugal fan parts again to see if they are in good condition, otherwise they should be repaired before installation and application.
    2.The installation of high-pressure fan must be equipped with safety device to avoid safety accidents, and the installation and wiring should be carried out by technical professionals who know the relevant safety regulations.
    3.The ventilation duct connecting the import and export trade of fans has an independent support frame, and it is not allowed to overlap the ventilation duct on the centrifugal fan mechanism; When installing the high-pressure fan, pay attention to the level part of the fan. The connection between the fan and the basic welding surface and the ventilation duct should be adjusted, so that it can not be forced to connect.
    4.When installing the high-pressure fan, use force or lever to pull the centrifugal impeller to check whether it is under tight or tight condition. The rotating objects are free from obstruction and abnormal conditions. It can be put into trial operation. The exposed part of the fan drive system needs to have a protective cover (customer's spare), such as the fan inlet, and safety protection net or other installation equipment (customer's spare).
    5.The power distribution cabinet of high voltage fan must be connected with the corresponding supporting facilities of fan (switch power supply, working voltage, pneumatic method, operation mode, etc.) In the middle.
    6.The wiring of high-voltage fan should be connected by professional electricians, and the wiring must be appropriate and reliable. Especially, the total number of wiring of electrical control cabinet should correspond to the total number of terminals of fan. The fan casing should be grounded according to the spectrum, and the grounding device must be grounded according to the spectrum, and zero can not be used to replace the grounding device.
    7.After the installation of all cooling fans, check whether there is any auxiliary tool dirt left in the cooling fan
    三、common problem
    1.The grounding device of high-voltage fan casing or motor casing must be reliable;
    2.It is strictly forbidden to turn over, over current operation and open phase operation;
    3.It is forbidden to keep the centrifugal fan in operation.
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