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    Professional to provide high temperature and high pressure fan inlet filter cleaning method

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    Professional to provide high temperature and high pressure fan inlet filter cleaning method

        Fan is a kind of driven fluid machinery, which depends on the input mechanical energy to improve the gas pressure and discharge gas. Fan is the abbreviation of China's custom for gas compression and gas transmission machinery. Generally speaking, fan includes fan, blower and wind turbine.
        Fans are widely used in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings for ventilation, dust removal and cooling, boilers and industrial furnaces for ventilation and air induction; Cooling and ventilation in air conditioning and household electrical appliances; Drying and selection of grain, wind source of wind tunnel, inflation and propulsion of hovercraft, etc
        After the blower has been used for a long time, if you observe the air inlet of the blower, you will find a lot of dust and other things. If too much, it will also affect the air volume of the blower.
        The fan itself has a coarse filter screen, which can only filter relatively large objects. If the diameter is more than 0.5cm, it can be filtered out. Some customers try their best to find a way to use thin screen or linen, which can also play a good role. However, we should pay attention to good air permeability, so as not to affect the use of the fan.
        The most convenient and most convenient is to use the special filter configured by our factory. The filter is precise and does not affect the air volume. There are two styles to choose from. Although it requires additional expenses, it is very beneficial to prolong the service life of the fan. We recommend customers to use the matching special filter.
        However, after the installation, everything will not be all right. It also needs to be cleaned up irregularly. The specific time and time of cleaning and the frequency are determined according to the on-site use conditions. For example, some customers have to clean up once a week due to poor use environment, while others don't need to clean up for a month.
        Cleaning method of air inlet filter screen of high pressure fan
        The specific cleaning methods are as follows:
        1、When cleaning the filter screen of high-pressure fan, look at the degree of pollution on its surface. If it is serious, the filter cotton needs to be replaced, and the effect can only be achieved by light water washing.
        2、When the surface of the filter screen is not very dirty, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a compressor to blow until you can't see dust particles in the light.
        3、If the filter screen of high-pressure fan is changed after cleaning, it needs to be replaced.
        4、Handle gently during cleaning, do not damage the filter screen or clean it with corrosive chemicals
        5、We should always pay attention to the correct maintenance of the filter habits to avoid unnecessary trouble.
        The special filter for fan is divided into two types: vacuum filter and ordinary filter. The vacuum filter can be used frequently and repeatedly. After a long time, you only need to replace the filter element inside. The effect is good. It is made of stainless steel and has an atmospheric appearance.
        The ordinary filter can be washed with water and air, and can also be used frequently. It can only filter some substances with larger volume. Users can choose according to the actual situation. It is noted that the vacuum filter is more expensive.

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